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How To Load GLO Card For Airtime or Data And Get 5x Or 6x Times Bonus

Howdy readers hope you are doing well. If yes good, in this article I will go to show you how to load GLO cards using the best easiest ways.

However, in this article, I will go to show you how to load GLO airtime and get five times to value 5x and six times value 6x bonus.

In addition, we should also discuss how to check GLO balance, to check your data and airtime bonus balance.

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What is the meaning of GLO

GLO is not an acronym, is just an abbreviation of Global Communication Limited or Globacom Limited.

Also Globacom Limited is a Nigerian telecommunication company founded on 29 days of August 2003 by Mr. Miki Adenuga.

In addition, Global Communication Limited is one of the most popular telecommunication companies in Nigeria. Which now it’s provides telecommunication products to the people. Let’s move on to our main topic.

How many digits GLO recharge card has

You all know that many telecommunication company recharge card has 15 digits on their recharge card. Also Globacom Limited has 15 digits on its recharge card.

How to load GLO card in Nigeria

To load you your GLO card for those who are in Nigeria, you will just these steps. Dial *123*GLO recharge card PIN#.

For example, if your GLO recharge card PIN is 123456789101112, you will Dial *123*123456789101112#.

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New GLO recharge Code Amebo

GLO Amebo is a special offer that rewards GLO customers with five times (5x) airtime value of the recharge card for each recharge customer recharged.

In addition, the airtime of GLO Amebo value is valid for 14days to 30days but it depends on the recharge amount. To get started, simply follow these steps to get it.

  • Dial *555*GLO recharge card PIN# to get the 5x value of your recharge card.

For example, if the recharge card PIN is 112233445566777, you will Dial *555*112233445566777# and send.

GLO recharge card cheat using Win Bash

GLO win bash is a voice or data tariff plan that will help you to get six times 6x recharge rewards on every recharge as you dialed the right USSD.

To Get started. Purchase GLO recharge card of any amount, airtime, or data Then recharge it by dialing *127*GLO recharge card PIN# and send.

For example, if your GLO recharge card PIN is 111112222233333, you will Dial *127*111112222233333# and press the call button. You will get 600% of your recharge card value for voice or data.

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How to load GLO for Data

After purchasing GLO recharge, you want to use it for data. You will be wondering how to load it for data, you will just Dial *223* GLO recharge card PIN#.

For example, if your GLO recharge card for data PIN is 222223333344444, you will include *223*222223333344444# and press send/ok button on your phone.

How to check GLO Balance

To Check Your GLO airtime or data balance you will dial #124# then USSD will request you to press 5 for your balance on GLO Nigeria.

How many digits GLO data recharge card has

Its good if you know how to load glo card to also know How many digits GLO

GLO data recharge card has 15 digits. to recharge it you will dial *223*your GLO recharge card PIN# and send.

How to load GLO airtime

Each of the above processes except one can be used to load GLO airtime. But lets me show it to you again.

  • You will dial *123*Recharge card PIN#.
  • For five times value 5x you will dial *555*recharge card PIN#.
  • For six times value 6x you will dial *127*recharge card PIN#.


I hope this article helps you to know how to load GLO card. Also, I hope you learned how to load GLO airtime and how to check GLO Balance.

In addition, if you this article please share it with your friends and family. If you have any questions please feel free to write them down.

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