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MTN 200 For 2GB Code And Other MTN Cheapest Data Codes

Do you want to know the new MTN 200 for 2GB Code? here is the full information about it.

So that in this article you will know how to buy 2GB for 200 on your MTN line using USSD Codes. also, you will know the Codes to buy the cheapest data on your MTN line.

However, a lot of people keep searching for MTN’s cheapest data plan to subscribe to it perfectly, to get a simple browsing experience on the network.

In addition, you have to recharge airtime into your MTN line to purchase the 2GB data plan for N200 Naira on your MTN line. But you need to Know the activation Codes to proceed.

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Requirements To Use New MTN 200 For 2GB Codes

This data is designed for MTN users that are using MTN Pulse Tariff Plan. Also, you need to be qualified for this 2GB Plan by decay lt. If you are not currently on MTN Pulse Tariff Plan, you need to migrate to MTN Pulse from the default tariff plan. To migrate you will just dial *406*1*1*1#.

However, you must recharge airtime into your MTN line for at least N200 airtime, before using the new MTN 200 for 2GB code.

In addition, before qualifying for this bundle, you have to use MTN Pulse Tariff Plan for at least one to two months. Then you can be eligible for it. So let’s try to move to the next section.

Why To Purchase 2GB At N200

For the default MTN data plan, 2GB is N1,000 valid for one week, and 2GB also is N500 valid for two days. That’s why a lot of people want to get this cheapest data.

However, the validity of this data is different from the default data. This data is valid for 7 days and default data is valid for only 2 days.

In addition, the amazing thing about this data plan is it can be used for any kind of browsing, which other data plans can not use for any browsing. Also, MTN 200 for 2GB Code can be used at any time.

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Difference Between MTN Data Offer And Nightlife Bundle

A lot of people are confused when they want to buy 2GB at N200 but they refused,  which Codes they will use to purchase it. So now I will show you the difference between them.

MTN Data Offer Bundle

MTN data Offer Bundle is an offer data plan that MTN users can use when MTN is qualified and rewards them with it. Also, MTN data Offer Bundle is not permanently at every time.

However, only a few qualified users can enjoy MTN data Offer. Also when MTN qualified you, you can enjoy it at any MTN tariff plan.

Also, code for MTN data Offer can be used now and see a lot of offers to buy, but when you buy the one, you can not back at the same time to buy it again. You must wait for some time to try it again.

In addition, most MTN offers data plans that can be valid for one week to two weeks. Also, you can use it at any time you purchased it.

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MTN Nightlife Bundle

MTN Nightlife Bundle is a designed data plan for only MTN users that use MTN Pulse Tariff Plan as their Tariff Plan. Also, Nightlife Bundle can be used in any kind of browsing.

However, MTN Nightlife Bundle can only be started working at night from 11 PM to 6 AM. Also, the maximum amount of Nightlife bundle you can purchase is 2GB per day, which means you can only repurchase a new Nightlife bundle after you finish the one you bought.

In addition, MTN Nightlife Bundle is valid for only 24 hours after purchasing it. That’s means after purchasing it, you have to use it 24 hours if not it will be expired, and you can only roll over it when you repurchase the same bundle.

New Code Of MTN Data Offer Bundle And Nightlife Bundle

To check the bundle you are offered to purchase on MTN data Offer, you will just dial *121*3#. But sometimes you can also find it by dialing *121*1#.

To purchase Nightlife Bundle or to check your Nightlife Bundle balance, you will just dial *406*3#. But you have to know that Nightlife Bundle are comprised into two which are,

  • 250MB Pulse Nightlife Bundle @ N25.
  • 500MB Pulse Nightlife Bundle @ N50.

New MTN 200 For 2GB Code

Before dialing the below code, you have to recharge N200 into your MTN line then this code can work for you.

  • Simply dial *406*3*1# to purchase it by N25.
  • You can also dial *406*3*2# to purchase it by N50.

Then Now, it’s time to accumulate the data by dialing the first above code eight times (8x).

For the second code, you will dial it four times (8x) to purchase MTN 200 for 2GB.

The above code it’s a very easy and fastest way to purchase 2GB at N200 on MTN. But you can also follow these steps to purchase it also.

  • Open your phone dialer and Dial *406# and call.
  • Reply by pressing 3 to select Nightlife Bundles.
  • Then select N25 or N50 bundle.
  • Then confirm your payment by pressing 1 or 2 on the next Pop up.

Then now it’s time to accumulate your purchasing until you get 2GB volume. The bundle you selected impacts how many times you will accumulate. That’s it.

MTN 200 For 1GB Code For 7 days

Before purchasing it, you have to know that you must Recharge N200 then the below code can work for you. To get 1GB data for only N200, you will just dial *121*3# and select 1GB for N200 for 7 days and send. That’s it.

MTN 500 For 2GB For 14 days Code

As I said Nightlife Bundle can not use up to 24 hours. But MTN data Offer Bundle can be used for up to 14days. So to buy 2GB at N500 which can be used up to 14days. You will just dial *121*1#, then select N500 for 2GB valid for 14days and send.

MTN 1.5GB For 300 Code

To buy 1.5GB data for only N300 you will just dial *121*1#, select 1.5GB for N300, and send. Which is valid for 7days.

Code For MTN 2GB For 500 For 7days

To get this amazing and cheapest data you will dial *121*3#, then reply with 2GB for the N200 option and send. That’s it.

MTN 300 For 2GB Code For 7 days

This bundle is not for anyone, it can only for a few be purchased by a few users. To buy it you will dial *121*1#, then select 2GB for N300 and send. That’s it.

MTN 100 For 2GB Code

To purchase this bundle make sure you recharged N100 airtime into your MTN account, then dial *406*3*2# twice. You have to know that this bundle can only be used from 11 PM to 6 AM of the day you purchased it.

How Can I Get 1GB For 200 Naira On MTN

To get this cheapest data you will dial *121*3# and select 1GB for N200, which is valid for 7days.

Also, you can dial *406*3*2# and accumulate it four times (4x) on your MTN line to purchase it. Which is valid for only 24 hours from the time you purchased it.

How Can I Get 2GB For 300 On MTN

You have to know that MTN offered this bundle for only a few users, but you can dial *121*3#. If you see it, you are one of them, then select it and buy it.

How Do I Get 2GB Data On MTN

Now, you can use any of the above processes to purchase your 2GB data on MTN at the cheapest and low price, and it’s valid for up to two weeks using simple and easy ways.


Hope now, you have to know the new MTN 200 for 2GB code, and many code codes to purchase MTN cheapest data with good valid time data on your MTN line.

So if you enjoy this article please share it with your friends and family. Also if you have any questions feel free to write them down.

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