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How To Migrate To MTN BetaTalk: New MTN BetaTalk Code To Get Free Unlimited Airtime And Data Bonuses 2023

Howdy followers, hope you are doing well, so in this article, we should go to discuss the MTN BetaTalk code, and also what is MTN BetaTalk tariff plan is. In addition, we should also go to discuss its benefits, also we should talk about how To get MTN BetaTalk bonuses of airtime and data on every recharge.

However, I will go on to show different ways how to migrate to MTN BetaTalk.

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What Is MTN BetaTalk

MTN BetaTalk is a prepaid tariff plan that MTN created, to help their customers to get 300% for airtime bonus and 200% for data bonus on every single recharge less than N100.

In addition, MTN BetaTalk has monthly rewards, night data and so much more. Also, you will get 20MB and above in addition to your 300% Airtime bonus when you make recharge from N100 and above.

What Is The Benefits Of MTN BetaTalk

If you are an MTN user that uses MTN BetaTalk as your tariff plan. You will enjoy the following rewards and bonuses.

  • You will get a 300% airtime bonus and 200% data bonus on every recharge you make even it’s less than N100
  • You will also get a data bonus of 20MB and above. in addition to your 200% airtime bonus on every single recharge of N100 and above you make. The data bonus will be double of 20MB.
  • MTN BetaTalk users will get the following special data bundles.

40MB for N50.

100MB for N100.

250MB for N200.

1GB For N300.

  • Those who are using MTN BetaTalk will get a free 10MB and above monthly data bonus on the first recharge or first call of the month.

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MTN BetaTalk Call Rates

With MTN BetaTalk you will get a 300% bonus for every recharge value and when you make calls, it will cost you 40Kobo per Second which it’s equal to, N24 per minute from your bonus and your main airtime account balance.

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Difference Between MTN True Talk And BetaTalk

MTN rewards MTN BetaTalk users with 300% for airtime and 200% for data on every single recharge. But MTN True Talk users will not benefit from this bonus. Also, their call rate is different.

How To Migrate To MTN BetaTalk For Free

Migrate to MTN BetaTalk is free. But when you have changed your SIM card tariff plan for less than the past one month, you must pay N100 to migrate or wait till after one month.

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New MTN BetaTalk Code

There are many different ways to migrate to MTN BetaTalk. but in this section, we will use USSD code To migrate to the MTN BetaTalk tariff plan you will dial *123*2*1#.

How To Migrate To MTN BetaTalk Via SMS

For those who are willing to know how to migrate to MTN BetaTalk through using SMS. You will just text BT to 131 and send through your phone SMS using your MTN line.

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How To Migrate To MTN BetaTalk Using My MTN App

For those who want to migrate to MTN BetaTalk on My MTN App.

  1. You will log in on My MTN App.
  2. Select other plans.
  3. Then select BetaTalk.
  4. Then click ok.

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How To Migrate To MTN BetaTalk For Free Online

If you want to migrate to MTN BetaTalk Online you will just follow these few steps to do it.

  1. Go to
  2. Click login.
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. Enter OTP you received on your phone number.
  5. Click proceed.
  6. On the top right corner of the home page of the website, click on your name.
  7. Then click select my plan.
  8. Then click other plans.
  9. Then select BetaTalk.
  10. Then click ok.
  11. Then it will be changed.

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I hope now you know the new MTN BetaTalk code, and how to migrate to MTN BetaTalk to enjoy the bonuses and free monthly free data.

In addition, If you enjoy this article please share it with your friends and family. Also if you have any questions please feel free to write them here.

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